Course Information

IELTS Preparation Course

Our IELTS Preparation Course is designed to help students improve their English skills and prepare them for the IELTS exam. The course includes:

Learning Outcomes

Course Structure

The IELTS Preparation Course is a 10-week program, consisting of:

Course Levels

Our IELTS Preparation Course is offered at the following levels:

Schedule and Pricing

Course Offerings

We offer a range of IELTS preparation courses to suit different schedules and budgets:

All courses include access to our AI Assistant, personalized feedback on speaking and writing practice, and progress assessments.

Events and Workshops

In addition to our regular courses, we also offer a range of events and workshops related to IELTS preparation, personal growth, and technology in education. Check out our upcoming events:

Registration for events and workshops is separate from course registration. Prices vary depending on the event or workshop.

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